The heart of God

This I think we do not want to feel, the heart of God
Could we travel down the paths that he has trod.
I heard a man of God the other night say
I felt the heart of God today.

I came and said with shoulders back and standing so tall
Let me feel your heart, I accept the call.
But then on bended knees I fell with pain with in my heart
The tears I shed in agony tore me apart.

I've seen the tears of love ones standing over a grave
Seeing their lost loves ones go to hell unsaved.
I've seen a small child being beaten and abused
I've even felt the pain of the strap that the man used.

I've seen His creation all tattered and torn
Never hearing the word when many times they were warned.
Then I begged forgiveness for then I knew within my heart
I could not take the pain that ripped my Savior apart.

I cried and said, please God take your heart back
For the faith and strength for this I do lack.
So he reached down and touch me and stood me on my feet
He said "son" This place I am. you're not able to meet.

So then I knew I had heard from my Almighty God
There was no way I could travel the path that he had trod.

By Harriett Dash 2000