The Heart Of A Mother

I watched as my husband the carpenter held in his arms our small son
I watched the tears as down his face they run
We looked into his tiny hands and there was placed a scar
It seemed as if the journey he had traveled had been very far.

He worked along beside his Dad and did what he did well
Not knowing this was the beginning  of a living hell
There was always a distant far away look in the eyes of this child
Like he had been here before and had traveled before the miles.

I remembered the night when the angel came to me and said
Arise from your rest and kneel beside your bed
In you will be placed the answer to life for all mankind
And this child will be different, he will have a christ like mind.

You will be a vessel and him you will not own
I felt the agony of pain in the memory as he left our home
He looked at his Father and I.  then said I now have to go
We looked at each other, held him in our arms and said we know.

The pain there after only a Mother could feel for her child she had bore
To watch the rebuke and anger as the crowd did roar
Her knowing he was not guilty but what must be done
To watch him cry out in agony, he hung there in pain, her son.

My son, my son she cried aloud
But no one heard her in the crowd
A peace came and a voice so soft unto her did say
It's alright Mother for you I will come on another day.

So be at rest and know you did all you were called to do
We together have saved a world, I couldn't have done it without you
The lightening flashed and the thunder rolled over the sky
A hand touched her shoulder and she knew His spirit had passed by.

By Harriett Dash 2001