"The Golden Years"

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Now there may not be many of you that remember the years:
By the radio we would set and lisen with tears:
How Amos and Andy would get into a  mess:
We laughed so hard we cried no less:

No picture just the all around sound:
Never touch the knobs to turn  it up or down:
Dad with his paper and Mom with her sewing  kit:
There were no bad programs just all hits:

On Saturday night the Grand old Opery was there:
We rushed through dinner and  turned the knobs with care:
Not like today with remote control:
Listening to the radio never grew old:

Flat and Scruggs were Grannies favorite program:
To her they were the best in  all the land:
You  heard all kinds of clean jokes and everyone  could sing:
Now it hurts me to remember all these precious things:

Even though I was just a child it seems in a lot of ways:
Those were really the good ole days:
Its more convenient now but not as much fun:
We should in some ways go back to where it all begun:

Take time, slow down and sit around the radio with peace in your mind:
But then again maybe its too late, those days were one of a kind:

By Harriett Dash 2001   

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