The Garden

Sometimes I like to be alone and go somewhere and pray.
To sit and think and feel blessed with the day.

I was tired and oh so weary ,and felt so all alone.
As I walked I wondered why I didnít stay at home.

Its a special garden I walk in with meadows oh so green.
But as I looked ahead, it was a child I'd seen.

It was a small child but as I looked at her I could see.
This playful little girl looked a lot like me.

She never spoke or looked my way but ran ahead as if to tease.
Her long blonde hair was blowing with the gentle breeze.

She looked at every flower and then sat down for a moment alone.
I wondered if she had strayed  very far from from home.

She never lifted her head or looked me in the eye.
But each time she got further away, "I" in my heart would sigh.

Each time "I" got closer my spirit to the heavens would soar.
I ran through the meadow after her, with a hunger for so much more.

What was it about this child that made me feel so young and free.
All of a sudden ,I realized the little girl was me.

© By Harriett Dash 2002