"The Forgotten Child"
 ( Missy  Dash)

We had been 13 years with out a child:
But then the Lord upon us smiled:
We watched over her and protected her with all our might:
But then  it happened that special night:

She was restless and was about to upset the crowd:
She was small and sweet but very  loud:
So into the nursery I took my baby to put her to bed:
She was so precious as she layed down her head:

Off into dream land she did go:
So back in the church I went in the very last row:
When all was over and in the back we talked as we set out:
When the church went black I said with a shout:

My baby  in the nursery she's asleep inside:
Like any good Mother I almost cried:
How could I forget one so precious and so sweet:
But then I remembered she's just like this when she's asleep:

I then held her in my arms so tight:
Forever the  memory stays of that night:
She never felt a thing and really never knew:
But its a thing that will forever stay with you:

"My Baby The Forgotten Child"

By Harriett Dash 2001