The Eye's Of Pain
(a teacher's nightmare)

As I looked upon the child.
I noticed her face had no smile.
This was strange for in her I did see.
Something that really frightened me.

The Pain deep within her was not mistaken.
Like something from her had been taken.
The happiness she should have  was no longer there.
She lived in a world for which she didn't care.

I placed my hand beneath her chin.
Into her eye's I looked within.
I reached for her, her attention to get.
I saw her eyes with tears were wet.

She looked so sad as she pulled away.
So I searched for the right words to say.
As she walked away I asked what the problem might be.
She turned around and looked at me.

On her face the fear I did see.
As if she wasn't really looking at me.
So I reached out my arms and said it's okay.
From me you don't have to pull away.

Come talk to me and tell me what's in your heart.
She then began to cry and made me a part.
Then I saw black and blue marks upon her face and arm.
My daddy drinks she said, he means no harm.

What to do kept running through my mind.
I just held her close and tried to be kind.
What do you do when the child still feels like it's okay?
Never a thought of running away?

I asked her if she would like to come live with me.
Then a glint of hope I did see.
What about my daddy, will he be alright?
Will there be someone to stay with him at night?

I said yes, I think it will be okay.
You just come home with me today.
Wouldn't it be great if the children we could save?
From people who rant and rave?

Who take away the happiness and joy for life from a child?
People that steal away their smile?
My prayer each and every day
Is that the world will soon find a way.

The children are our future, our happiness and our joy.
Their hearts are not to be abused like it's just a toy.
They are little people and alive as us.
They need to live in a world with people they can trust.

So say a prayer for the children.
The ones we can't get to.
Pray God will make a way to do 
What we can't do.

By Harriett Dash 2002