The Drawing Power


Do not weep my love for a passion that cannot be
My heart belongs to another, one you cannot see.
Since as a child there's been a longing deep within my heart
No matter how deep into this world would not depart.

Out into space I would reach but still could not touch
Not knowing then what, but wondered how I could love so much.
I know there is a love between a woman and a man
And within all our power we have done all we can.

But still in my heart there seems to be an empty space
One that cannot be filled by the human race.
There is a spirit that over shadows my life's flow
It seems to be within my heart no matter where I go.

I can share my life with you, but you can't be number one
For now I know the secret longing, It's Jesus, Gods Only Son.

By Harriett Dash