As he sits by my side he watches what I do:
When I grow up Dad, I want to be like you:
We are really a mirror for what they want to be:
In this world we are all they see:

He walks in my shoes and tries on my pants:
He goes out side and fills the pockets with ants:
But thats okay he likes it that way:
I told him I did the same thing in my day:

I see in him the child in me:
I want him to see the man he will be:
We  can talk grown up talk or play a game:
I want him to know life is the same:

Take it serious when it supposed to be:
But  know no matter the age he can come to me:
Yes in him I see the child I still need within my heart:
He's my son and of me a part:

He pretends some time to be a man:
But we still walk hand in hand:
Heíll always be a son to me:
And his Dad Iíll always be:

© By Harriett Dash 2001