The Church As We See It

You think it's just a building, but not so
It's a container of living , breathing souls.
They place themselves on a pew within
In hopes of learning how to overcome sin.

Empty vessels with-in do sometimes walk
To learn of Jesus and of heavenly talk.
They are hungry, thirsty, cold and alone
Looking for some place they can call home.

They come and go and some never return
It wasn't of God, but of the world they learned.
When in God's house we should do as God would do
He placed us there for a reason, me and you.

We should lift Him up in all we do and say
So we can show the sinner a much better way.
They'll leave with a smile and return again
We here on earth are to be our Father's Hands.

You think it's just a building, Well, not so!
It's a container of living, breathing, souls.

By Harriett Dash 1995