It isn’t easy keeping friends and this you will find.

You have to know the secret, one that makes it bind.

It takes time and effort, a trust that's strong.

A friendship without these ingredients won’t last long.


You don’t make friends in an instant, but it takes a while.

Usually though, you can tell, once you see that special smile.

To me a friend is one you laugh with until you cry.

No need for words in a crowded room, just a look with the eye.


Friends will take away the lonely hours as time brings to us all.

But we know as we sit by the phone, we can make that call.

She’ll know its you and answer in a cheery way.

That breaks the spell of loneliness on  a dreary day.


She’ll keep an up beat conversation and the problem will disappear,

She’ll tell you things will be okay and erase the fear.

A true friend will be there at the darkest of night.

She’ll let you know God will intervene and things will be all right.


© By Harriett Dash  1/2005         Home