The Burning Bush


As Moses walked closer he could almost see 
What he thought was a burning tree.

But it was a bush that was engulfed in flame
But that wasn't all then he heard someone call his name.

The flame in the burning bush was the deity of Christ
Moses bowed his head, he didn't have to think twice.

I am the great "I AM", he spoke to him and said
Look at me, lift up your head.

Remove your sandals from your feet
It's the Almighty you do greet.

Because of my peoples suffering, I'm giving you a job to do
Moses looked around and God said, I'm talking to you.

Moses said, but I am so small and cannot speak
God said but you are the one with the heart I seek.

I'll prepare the vessel so think not of the way
For within your heart I will stay.

So as Moses descended from the mountain top
He was on a journey he could not stop.

So as with us who the savior calls to do his will
We must  with faith march down the hill.

In the wilderness Moses wondered for forty days and nights
And with the children he had many fights.

But he knew there was a reason and God had a plan
For he told Moses he loved man.

Many died on the journey never receiving the great reward
They lived by man's way and died by the sword.

As the burning bush to  those that love him is a wall of protection
It's a burning hell for those who believe not and are  filled with rejection.

By Harriett Dash          Home

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