The Breath of God

Have you ever got caught up in the scent of Rain
Felt it's freshness again and again.
Have you felt the brush of an angels wing
Arenít they the most precious thing.

I have felt the touch of Gods hand
In the handshake of a man.
And in the hug of a precious child
When upon their face I placed a smile.

Have you ever felt like the wind was beneath your feet
And the presence of God you did greet.
I have smelled the breath of him that sent me
To this earth all the glories to see.

I know without a shadow of a doubt
That His Glory is not just in a shout.
But the most pleasant thing in this land
Is in the gentle touch of a humans hand.

He made us to be and He created our mind
But His breath He placed in all mankind.

© By Harriett Dash