Thanks Mom

When I was young we had not fancy clothes to wear
But a job to my Mom was to always be there.
She washed our clothes in a washer with ringers
It was a Maytag, a big humdinger.

Even though we didnít have a fancy machine
The clothes we wore were always nice and clean.
She told us it was not the clothes that we wore
If she could she would give us more.

So she told us be kind and smile
That would be the strength to help us go another mile.
No matter if the other kids did laugh and boast
We were blessed with the most.

Because we had a mother that for us cooked and cleaned
And to us was never cruel and mean.
She loved us and was always there
Not like other Moms that didnít care.

She made sure we were in a clean bed
We always had a place to lay our head.
So we were taught clothes were not important but it was the home
Children that were loved were never left alone.

Homework at the table and cookies and milk to drink
Mom couldnít give us money but she made us think.
So we use our heads and hearts to make it through today
She knew the ways of the world and knew we could make it no other way.

 © by Harriett Dash 2002