Testing Time

I seem to be thinking more with each closing day.
How right I am  in walking the Christian way.
I feel light hearted and free from burdens of life.
I also like to think I'm  free of worldly strife.

I feel love and kindness toward others and that to me  feels good.
Jesus told me this would happen, he said I would.
He said I'd also experience pain but would overcome it all.
Some would be big and then some would be small.

I have had troubles but at this time can't think of one.
My blessings through Jesus have helped me to overcome.
I always see a light at the end of the road.
He seems to lighten it, no matter how heavy the load.

I know life would be awful without my Savior within .
I would be tied down in this world of sin.
So if you are out there try Him, He's really  great.
No matter the time, it's never too late.

by Harriett Dash 2003   Home