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Television in this day and time:
Will rack the brain and zap the mind:
I'll tell you why and how I know this fact:
A child to me made this crack:
I said "no" and she looked at me:
I can do anything and be what I want to be:

So I spoke to her in a voice  gentle and kind:
Told her also what was on my mind:
So as she sat in a chair with a tear in her eye:
I looked at her and winked as I passed by:

She said, this is not where I want to be or what I want to do:
I said, I guess the TV lied to you:
I am your leader and I am your guide:
For you what's right I will decide:

Well, she said, all I wanted to do:
Was set in the chair next to you:
So I guess the battle was won again:
By the television set that rules the land:

By Harriett Dash 1995