Take Control


Have you looked up to the stars so high yet they shine so bright
First comes the sun then swiftly comes the night.
It seems as if the cares of life have vanished away
But before we know it the fears return of yesterday.
Something about the moon, makes you want to stare
It seems as if you can reach out and go there.
Wouldn't it be great to reach out and touch heaven yet stand on land
Live life to its fullest and be a God made man.


You know it's in God we should put our trust
Or all to soon it will be taken from us.
He's the only one that can remove the cares of life
Be there to comfort in sorrow and strife.
He's all powerful in seeing all we do
He is waiting to take care of me and you.
Don't let the flesh rule you here on earth my friend
For the Spirit will take control in the end.


If it be greed, sin or lust of the land
All these things fall into God's hands.
He will judge and the decision make
To give you to Satan or your Spirit take.
So take control of your life today
Say no to the devil and make your own way.
Choose heaven and the Lord up above
Fill your heart with the Spirit of Love.

By Harriett Dash 1999