Sweet Sixteen


This was a good time as good as could be.
By the smile upon my face for all the world to see.
Dancing and singing and swirling the hips.
A young man placing a kiss on my lips.

 The bashful looks and backward ways.
Yes ,those were the good old days.
When things were said and were meant from the heart.
Words forever to linger and not part.

Tall skinny boys with freckles on their face.
All smiling at me and running the race.
To see who could get the first kiss.
And if them, when gone I would miss.

 Back then faces would turn red.
If the right things were not said.
Not like today with youth running wild.
I think of the past and it makes me smile.

Bobbie socks and dresses that swirl.
What ever happen to that fun filled world.

by Harriett Dash 2002