Sweet Dreams
My sweetest dreams are of Granny's chair
Rocking back and forth and me laying there.
It was an old chair made of straw and wood
She held me in her arms as close as she could.

She stroked my hair with hands so kind
A song of sweet dreams was on her mind.
The old cook stove all warm and nice
When we were fretful, she never thought twice.

On her lap she would take us with tender loving care
Back and forth she would rock in that old wooden chair.
Hush little baby, now don't you cry
And I'll sing you a lull-al bye.

A song handed down through the years
I sung it to mine to stop their tears.
I heard my daughter say the other day
"Mom, I rock mine and sing the very same way.

Isn't it wonderful, such a little song
Can make you feel as if nothing is wrong.
It can wash the tears from their eye
The "Sweet Dreams Song:...mommy's lull-a-bye.

By Harriett Dash  1996