Super Mom

Super Mom, that's what they say
I sure hope I'm one today.
There are beds to make and dishes to do
Furniture to clean and laundry too .
There are clothes to pick up off the floor
Papers and books and so much more.

The windows are dirty and the kitchen a mess
Just looking at it makes me want to rest
I must get busy and up on my way
I'm expected to get it all done today
The clock is ticking and time is running out
I am expected so must get up and about

Super Mom that's what I am
One of the best in all the land.
The little things we do that no one can see
Gives me the right to brag on me.
Its amazing how we are expected to do so much
Yet be gentle and tender with a Mothers touch.

God knew to give us an extra strong heart
Because of the times it would break apart.
In all things we are expected to do our best
Because Mothers are made different from all the rest.
A wife to our husband, a mother to our child
A jack of all trades and  do it with a smile.

Now don't  raise your voice and by all means don't shout
Because they look at you and wonder what its all about.
Wash the dishes make the beds, do the laundry too
Don't act surprised, it is expected of you.
Clean the furniture, mop the floors, pick up their clothes too
This also is expected of you.

Cook the meals, clean the windows, bathe them with silent sighs
You must be strong, don't let them see the tears in your eyes.
We must do our best and put on a smile
Hold your head up high and go another mile.
Now, now don't scream or pull at your hair
You look around and they are all standing there.

So get to work and be ever so calm
You must remember You are a Super Mom


By Harriett Dash 1999