Special Angel
(from Maw Maw Harriett)

Here she sits all prim proper and proud
She's so pretty, she stands out in a crowd

She can out wit most grown ups and hold her own space
She loves blue jeans but would rather wear lace

Everything has to be perfect in every way
She will dress just right if it takes her all day

To just tie her shoes she'll make you late
She will tie and retie till she gets them straight

She has beautiful eyes big and brown
And with her little finger she can twist you around

She has all the right words and  them she knows how to say
And she always knows how to get her way

She's her daddy's princess and her Mommy's girl
She makes the sun  shine in our world

It makes my day just to see her smile
For her little hug, Id walk a mile

Some day a heart breaker she will be I know
She could be a movie star in a picture show

I know my love she has felt
At the site of her, my heart does melt

By Harriett Dash 2001  


(Kelsey Ann Dash age 8)