"Sock Hop"

Remember the days of Be Boppin:
Jumping and danceing and Hoppin:
Twisting and turning and swinging:
To the beat of the music yelling and screaming:
Throw off the shoes throw them in a pile:
Things were funny you always had a smile:

Now you're lucky just to see:
Can't bop because of that bumb knee:
Can't jump, may break a bone:
Lucky you get to even leave home:
Twisting and turning is what you do at night:
Just to get to the shoes is a fight:

But go for the gold try one more time:
Kick up them heels and walk in line:
Get back that beat and you will see:
Work out that cramp in that old knee:
Streach them muscles bend over touch the toe:
Leave this world in style, best way to go:

By Harriett Dash 2001