Snow Flakes

As we travel down life's pathway and feel  the devils rod
As pure as the driven snow are our souls with our precious God.
No matter the things we have said or things done unto man
The sins are covered over with the precious blood of the lamb.

He looks not on outward appearance or things of the past
But on your heart this moment wanting something that will last.
The forgiveness of sins and a open heart of great love
Not of this earth but one that comes from up above.

Can you see the snow covered mountains how pure and white they are
This is how we look to God from afar.
He sees no bad in us once we have made things right
He's always there waiting, morning , noon or night.

There is time and place when heaven knocks on your door
You don't choose the time, when he's finished , there is no more.
We are chosen by him,  its not our time and place to pick
So if you feel his calling go and plan this time to stick.

To what you say  and do he is always on call
Don't block him from your life break down the stubborn wall.
For if your heart is tender, age  is not seen by our God
All he sees are the weary miles we have trod.

So be like the snow flakes falling gently to the ground
A whisper from your heart is in his ear a sound.
A cry for help and a sound of a weary soul
A sound to Gods ears, one that never grows old.

He's just a whisper away, a small still voice of fear
Please dear God, show me you are near.
Then with a mighty rushing wind his presence is all around
All you do is feel comfort never hearing a sound.

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So close your eyes to the world and all of its pain
For if you feel him, its heaven you will gain.




By Harriett Dash 2000