Sisterís and Shopping 

I just got back from vacation with them and it was grand
We lost control many times and with laughter we ran.
We went shopping as girls supposed to do
But we sat down my sister Lou.

She is not in for walking or standing in line
So we sat her in place so her we could find.
Now Teresa can keep up and as a matter of fact pass you by
Sheís my shopping Queen and doesnít have to buy.

She can just look and remember when it was higher but has come down
On her face there is never a frown.
Connie looks at everything and walks from here to there
If she likes it she buys it without a care.

But sheís serious and looks with such interest at the price
Sees it's on sale and then doesnít think twice.
Now Deneice is for what's on sale only, and dickers and deals
Will try to jew them down to what she thinks is real.

She holds it up and guessís if the size looks right
Always smiles and says,  Hmm.. I think it might.
She is always buying for others and not her self
She uses all she gets and never leaves it on a shelf.

Now Iíll see a tag hanging for days trying to decide if its right
Not her, she uses it that very night.
Now Debbie is very different, she only gets what she needs right now
I wish I could be like her but my wants wonít this allow.

She is a thinker for just a moment and then will pass on by
Never to think back or wonder why.
If she doesnít get it now then she didnít need it in the first place
She puts us that buy anything to disgrace.

Now as for me, I think you must buy from every store
I always need a little more.
Sales are great but when I see what I want I donít even look at the tag
I just tell the lady, put it in the bag.

This is foolish because the very next day
On the sale table it will lay.
I need to learn patience and wait for awhile
Then I could also leave the store like the others with a smile.

© by Harriett Dash July 2003