(Dedicated to my sister Elaine)

Once upon a time in a little house by the tracks
There were three little girls with blonde curls down their back.
Never knowing or thinking of the day they would part
They were three little girls with love in their hearts.

But one by one they were taken and thoughts began to fade
The memory of each other and the fun they had in their day.
But I remember jumping on the beds and the feathers would fly
If Granny caught us we knew we would absolutely die.

The rule was, never touch the beds after they were made
Except in slumber or sickness  in them you were laid.
Remember Grandpa's lunch cakes hidden in the old ice box
It's a wonder  on it, she didn't keep a key and a lock.

But he always sneaked them to us and behind him we would hide
If we were caught, for us he always lied.
Granny I know always had a hard time with us
She was smart where cakes were concerned, she knew us she could not trust.

We played house with home made dolls and to the movies we would go
There was nothing else to do but go to the picture show.
There we could find a boy and giggle all the way through
They were good times for me and for you.

Remember off to Sunday school, us girls she thought she sent
But we just laughed at the preacher till to the back we were sent.
We'd laugh and hide till over it would be
Then run home when people leaving we did see.

Off came the Sunday clothes and the shoes from our feet
Barefoot in the rain and running down the street.
Then the screams we did hear, Elaine and Harriett Lee!
It rang out all over town and we knew the world could see.

Two little girls running home until their hearts so fast would beat
We knew she could see us running up and down the street.
But at that time we did not know she loved us so very much
And feared the day  we'd be gone and she no longer could touch.

Now as I am grown and have those feeling too
I understand the pressure our Granny must have gone through.
Remember old man Wright and the second hand store
We sold him all grannies canned goods and went back for more.

Green beans were the best, got 20 cents for the picture show
We washed our hands and face and sneaked out to go.
Oh, and the old grave yard that was our giant playground
It was like a fort, we got our swords and walked the top no fear of falling  down.

We did laugh and play, little girls we were then
But now I fear, grown up life may bring it to an end.
I still have good memories of all the fun we had
You were too small to remember  but we had a great Dad.

He was always dancing and smiling and in his arms us he would hold
We were his little angels with silken hair of gold.
He would hold our hands and around us he would swing
He was always happy and to us he would sing.

It's the good things I remember and on these I thrive
Now that I am older these are the ones that keep me alive.
I remember with Mom out in the country, the little house
Home made fudge on Fridays on the porch to cool had to chase away the mouse.

I could never miss a day, that was the rule
There were times it was hard, our house was very small
We had all we wanted to eat but no pictures on the wall.

The picnics were great on the roadside tables made of wood
Mom did all within her power to love us the best she could.
The cold sandwiches and RC cola and the mustard were the best
We'd run and play in the fields until she called us to rest.

I was a happy child of these memories I can't complain at all
I must say as a child  I really lived to the fullest and had a ball.

Memories make life what it is.
Thanks to my sisters for all the happy memories.

by Harriett Dash 2000