(Remember this picture we were young back then)

I remember that day but all in all I like now better
For some reason  the life we lived was to the letter
Now its a little more free and thoughts of our own
Back then it was how and when we'd own our own home

We had those babies and the times were kind of rough
To make it with the way things were were kind of tough
We had fun and shared a lot things together
Knew we could make it through the toughest weather

And we did and now we are blessed
I think because we stood tall and passed the test
We put God first and loved our children and our man
We watched the hour glass sift through the sand

Where did it go, the thing called time
Our life passed quickly yours and mine
Coffee and chats and friends sharing their heart
The worst thing about age is these things part


We got busy and started down our own ways
I think with love of those past days
We had stars in our eyes and so many dreams
But most have come true to me it seems

We have all we ask from God to us
Children and Grandchildren in whom we put our trust
To keep the standard and the banners raised high
So we won't have to worry about the by and by


We can smile and know we did the best we could
But I think God  really knew we would

By Harriett Dash 2001    

(Jeanette and Harriett Dash)