"Sister Mullins"

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To church many times you have walked a mile:
The road was weary but you always had a smile:
The trials you've had as years have gone by:
To anyone else would have put a tear in their eye:

But you've come through heading the last mile of the way:
You know in your heart, he has a much better day:
There are times when you felt you were falling apart:
But once again, God mended the broken heart:

To come to church you always made a way:
You are a rainbow after a rainy day:
There have been times when you had rather have been home:
But without Gods people you felt all alone:

Your lips are  always filled with  praise for God:
No matter how rough the road you have trod:
The day is coming when his light will shine:
You say "He's yours and He says.."You're mine:

Thank you Precious Sister in Christ.
  You gave me strength when I was in the valley,
I knew there was a mountain top.

By Harriett Dash 1999