The Special Vacation

Carol did not know when she was going on her vacation it would turn out the way it did. All the girls at work decided to take a trip together into the hills of Colorado.  They packed sleeping bags and got a tour guide.  This was going to be a special vacation for them all.  They had never done this before and Carol was excited.  

Jerry, the tour guide took his jeep and they all started for the mountains.   About two hours in, Jerry picked the best place to camp out.  During the night they could hear wolves howling and were a little frighten but Jerry told them they wouldn't come near the camp.  He kept a fire burning and he said you don't bother them they won't bother you.

The night got  very cold  and Carol decided to go to the Jeep and get an extra blanket, as she started walking she heard something, she turned and there it was a small baby wolf. At first she was afraid but it started whining and came to her and looked up with the most pitiful eyes.  She reached down and petted it on the head and then it followed her to the Jeep and then back to the tent.  She thought 'why not bring it in out of the cold?'.  The girls all laughed at her.

The next morning as they came from the tent, there it was with them. Jerry  had a funny look on his face, "where did that wolf come from?" he asked. Carol told him how it came to her in the night, he seemed surprised.  "They just don't take up with people" he said, there must be a Mother some where and she must be in trouble.  The girls all begged him, "please let's go and see if we can find her, we will be careful we promise". He didn't seem pleased about it but he said "only if I take my gun, you never know, it may be hurt and if it is, it could be dangerous.  They won't bother you if you leave them alone, they have family feelings just like us".

They packed some stuff and then headed for the mountains.  They had not gotten very far when they saw it, the Mother.  She had been bitten by a snake and was almost dead.  The baby went over to her and laid down by her. Carol almost cried, she went over and picked him up and held him close to her. The Mother wolf did not move again. Jerry  said "I don't think you should take that baby wolf from here, he needs to learn to make it on his own"  The girls said "no, he can't, he's too small". Carol said "he came to me, it's me he wants and I will take care of him".  

They just enjoyed sitting around the campfire and touring the desert hills and looking at things. The girls had a great time until the last night  of their camping trip, I guess the other wolves came to get the baby and they were all around the camp.  The girls were afraid but Carol said "no, they will kill it and Jerry said "Yes that is what they want. If we wait them out they will leave but I guess Carol has her wish, she will have to take him home with her".  

The next morning it was all clear.  They packed up their things and headed home, Carol named him "Desert", because that is where she found him.  He seemed to take to the apartment and was like a small puppy, but as he grew bigger and bolder she knew she was going to have to part with him.  It wasn't fair to him to keep him when his spirit was so wild, he needed to be  free.  One day she called Jerry and told him her plans. "Remember where we were when he came to me? she said, "Yes I do, it's just like yesterday. I still have nightmares when I think of those wolves around the camp".  But all ended up well.  T

hey packed up their things, Desert just watched all along the way like it was familiar to him, she watched his eyes and knew what she was doing was right.  It had been over a year now and he needed to be with his own kind.  Jerry stopped the Jeep and opened the door.  Desert jumped out and ran as fast as he could. He stopped, looked back and started back to Carol...then he stopped, turned and headed for the hills... He stood on top of the mountain with his head held high as if to say 'thank you' and howled loudly.

Carol misses him so much but she knows she did what was best. She keeps a
picture of him to remind her of the best vacation she ever had.

By Harriett Dash 2001       Home