The Old Underpass

As Ray went down the road his mind goes back to all the wonderful times and the memories. The fun he had with his brothers and the things they used to do. It was a sad day today because the old home place was gone but there were still things that could never be removed, the old river bed and trees he used to climb. The old company store was gone, had been torn down years ago. He found a large rock and sat down and as he did the memories came flowing one after another. He looked into the river bed where he and his brothers used to throw rocks at the snakes. No fear of them,  not even knowing the danger they were in. Amy used to scream and run to the house. Barefoot in the rain they would run as fast as they could to see who could get to the mud puddle first. He smiled remembering how they would charge candy bars to his Dadís account and eat until they were sick and R.C. colaís and the moon pies were the best.

He wondered if any of the rest of the family ever came back here to visit, especially Amy.  She was so pretty and they really had grown up together. She never mentioned coming here in her letters. She talked about the memories and how much she loved it here. Amy was adopted so she wasnít really his cousin but they all called her that anyway. He remembered how beautiful she was. He had always looked over her because she was so tiny and so frail. He remembered the day she went away to college. She had cried and hung onto him, he said it's okay.  I will write every day and if you ever want me I will be here for you on the bridge. She had gone away to college and they had kept in touch until about three months. All of a sudden she stopped writing and wouldnít accept any of his calls. As he sat there he wondered what he had said or done.  When he was sad he always came home and usually he sat on the bridge and just hung his legs over and thought for awhile and then he was okay.  He walked down the road and as he started up the hill to the bridge he was thinking of the last letter he had written to Amy. They had become close and he had ask her to marry him.  He told her if she would, think about it and let him know. Now he was wondering if maybe he had made a mistake.

Amy wondered if Ray ever came back to the home place. She never told him this is where she came when she had a break to just sit and think. On the other side of the small underpass sat Amy. She had been there for about an hour.  Oh! how she missed her Aunt even if she wasnít her real Aunt. She could talk to her about anything. She remembered when her parents had died and they had taken her in, they all acted like she was part of the family. They never treated her any different.  Ray had been her favorite. He took her everywhere he went and was always there for her, helped her through school, her knight so to speak. Amy was timid, she had lost both her parents at the same time,  it crushed her and she cried all the time. Ray would set and hold her hand and just let her cry and then he would say, "lets go and chase some snakes and swing on some grapevines and then go swimming, itíll help", and it always did. He would throw rocks at snakes and she would scream with fear. Then they would sit on the bridge and watch the water, never saying a word just knowing they were together. She knew she was loved. But she had a decision to make.  She knew she had loved Ray from the time they were children and now she was afraid that she may lose a wonderful friend.  Would marriage destroy what they had? They had written for over a year and had gotten very close. As she sat there she knew she loved him so much and the memories of this place brought back all the love she had for him. She put her head down and she prayed ."Give me a sign Aunt Bee, if this is meant to be, just give me a sign. About that time she heard a noise and looked up, there he was. How in the world did he know. Ray looked so surprised but he smiled and sat down beside her not saying a word.  They both just sat there looking down at the water and then slowly their hands reached for each other, they turned and Ray looked at her, "Amy, I love you and I promise to take care of you for ever". Amy  smiled and said "Ray, I asked Aunt Bee for a sign and then you came to me....I love you too Ray with all my heart. I am just not sure."  Amy felt a special presence as she sat there, like maybe someone was watching over them both, and "I am sure Aunt Bee was there."  About that time Ray got Amy by the hand and said "Hey, lets go chase some snakes and swing on some grapevines and then we can go swimming....She smiled..."I love you Ray and Yes...the answer is Yes."

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