The Magic Mirror

Lucy was in the attic going through an old trunk. Her Grandmother had died and left her the real old house.  Lucy had not been here since she was a young girl.  She left to be on her own and then decided to come back and close up the old house or sell it. After Granny Rose died everything had changed.  She remembered something as she went through all the things inside the trunk.  Then she saw it, the old mirror her Grandmother had told her about, she had forgotten after all these years.  She remembered as her Grandmother got older she used to sit and stare into the mirror for hours and most of the time she had a smile on her face.  Lucy ask her one day.

"Grandmother what is it about the mirror that makes you smile?"  Lucy must have been about seven or eight years old.  "Well," said Granny Rose, " you see it's a magic mirror, you look, you believe and all your dreams come true.  When I want to see my Mother and all my sisters and brothers that have gone on, I just look into the mirror.  When I am gone and you are lonely and you want to be with your family, just look into the mirror and all your wishes and dreams will come true."  When Granny rose died she had the mirror in her hand and she had the most beautiful smile on her face.

The mirror was wrapped in tissue paper and it looked almost new.  Lucy was now very old herself and she had never had children.  She had always wanted them because she remembered the laughter and the running and playing that went on in the old house.  Lucy was very lonely.  I guess that is why she was attracted to the old house again.  Lucy was tired and worn out, she needed to be with her family, she was the last one living and she wanted to go home.  She remembered what Granny Rose had said but didnít really believe it.  She thought maybe she was just talking because she was so old.

As she sits there, she closes her eyes and thinks back and holds on to the mirror very tightly.  She can hear Granny Rose laughing and running after the children and the smell of homemade biscuits and gravy, it was all so real.  Could it be true, could it be really true what Granny had told her?

Knock, Knock, she woke up from her dream, someone was at the door, it was the people to look at the old house.  A young couple had ask about buying the house and Lucy could see no need to keep it.  As she walked down the steps she felt like she was walking on air, as if there was no strain at all, she felt so strong.  She let the young couple in and explained to them the house was a little out of order, they could look at it if they want.  As Lucy was walking through the house and explaining about it, the memories came back, each room had its own.

The huge living room with the fireplace where the family gathered around to talk and watch the children play.  Her uncle and aunts all laughing. The kitchen was her favorite , Granny Rose stayed in there all the time, the old cook stove was still there, she would never part with that, no new stuff for her.  As she went into the play room, there was her old hobby horse and huge doll house with home made dolls, just as she had left it over 60 years ago. Granny had never changed a thing.  For some reason Lucy could smell the cooking, fresh baked cookies.  She asked the couple "do you smell that"? "No" they said, " we donít smell anything."  This had happened since Lucy had looked into the mirror. She looked at them and said, "could you come back on another day please?"

She felt the need to be alone.  As she walked them to the door she saw it, a child running up the steps, she never said a word.  As they walked out the door, Lucy went upstairs, she sat down in front of the trunk.  She pulled out Granny Roseís apron and held it close to her heart.  She took the mirror and put it in front of her face and just stared.  Slowly she got up and went to the rocker.  As she sat down she smiled and heard the laughter and then she heard her sisters calling her name.  She knew then she could never sell this house or for that matter ever leave the house again. Her family was still here and Granny Rose was still here, she knew this for sure because as she looked up, there she was, Granny Rose, with her hand out stretched reaching for Lucy.  Lucy laid back in her rocker and fell asleep never to wake up again.  Lucy was in the house now with all her family to live forever and ever and had the most beautiful smile on her face.

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