The Famous Recliner

Now how can I tell this without getting into trouble with all men in the world that love recliners. I also know some real fine ladies that love them. My husband had one and it was so broke in and out, that you could see him sitting in it when he wasnít sitting in it. It had a certain air about it, when you looked at it, you felt kinda sleepy or dizzy for some reason. I think it had a spell on it. Now my husband makes everything look good, heís so count to three and he's gone to sleep, he does not believe in the world getting in his way of his hobby time, whoops, shouldnít say that huh? When we go to a restaurant I wait till he orders because I know and he knows I will want what he has got.

Any way back to the chair, this chair has been fixed so many times, it had been upside down as much as right side up, he would not let it die, he pushed it to the limit. Now it was a good chair but when you get something with a 10 year or even lifetime warranty, donít let the manufacture see your husband, it will automatically void the warranty.

I kept telling him he needed a new chair, everything in the home had been replaced at one time or another but that chair. I tried to keep it covered but still the only hope would have been duct tape if I had kept it any longer. Well anyway I did something no woman should ever do, that is fool with your husbands recliner. I gave it away, he was gone one day and I gave it away, now needless to say I was a little afraid, I cooked one of the best suppers I could and put his favorite food before him in hopes he would be so tired he would not notice. He walks into the room and it seemed as if he stopped dead in his tracks, sniffed around and look from corner to corner of the room, you could hear a pin drop, I just held my breath. Where is it, he said? I said gone...really gone...he says how far gone...I said "far". Well he ate his supper but let me tell you..he has talked about his new chair so bad. He let it stay, but everyone we know knows what I did. Well he has used it long enough so I decide this year to try and make up for it, I got him one with a heat massager and vibrator and each arm opens up and he can set his food and drink on them, now am I a good wife or what. But now donít get your hopes up you recliner userís, when this one gets will also go "far". I guess some of us women never learn.

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