The Eventful Day

Melissa was a small town girl and worked in a loan office, her friend Kaylene worked with her.  Everyday like clockwork, Harry Taylor open the office for them, opening the shades and getting things ready.  Kaylene was going steady with the chief of police and had a brother named Jack.  The secret Kaylene carried with her was that her brother had been in prison for three years for robbery.  He had driven the getaway car and was convicted.  She never told anyone but her boyfriend Gary.  Jack is about to return and cause quite an exciting day for Melissa and the small town.

Melissa sat by the window, as she looked out she wished she could always be as content as she is right now.  Her mind goes back to the awful but eventful day when it all happened.

She was on her way to work, it was beautiful out and the breeze was just right.  She had decided this time to walk instead of driving, it was only two blocks to work.  As she got closer she looked at the window of the office, the shade was still drawn, no signs of life.  Harry had always gotten to work early and had everything in order. She pulled at the door, it was locked.  This was very unusual.  She pulled out her key and stepped inside and as she did, a man pulled her in and told her to sit down and shut up. 

Melissa was frighten now, her heart was pounding.  What was happening? Melissa worked in a loan office and it had always been a very quiet place, no problems.  "What's going on" she ask?  The man told her to sit down and be quiet.."Please", he said.  'Wow'!  Jack thought, Kaylene didn't tell him how beautiful her co-worker was, he thought his heart was going to stop. She had the most beautiful brown eyes.  The look of fear in them made him angry at himself.  How could he go through with this.  He knew he had to.

She thought how polite to be a robber or a killer. "Where is Harry"?  she ask.  "He's okay" the man said, as he kept looking out of the window.  "How did you get in here? she ask.  "I got my sister's key, that's how".  Melissa said, "your sister, who is your sister"?  "Kaylene is my sister" he said, kinda surprised.  "She never mention having a brother"?   "No, she has never spoken of you. Where is Kaylene, she's always here by now".  "She is....well....she is....kinda not coming in today" . "Why"?  ask Melissa? "What's wrong"? "What is your name? the man asked.  She said "its Melissa, I work here and Kaylene is my friend".  He said "I am Jack, I need to tell you something and it's very important".

 He sounded so nice, Melissa said, " please do".  He made sure the door was locked and sat down beside her.  "You see Melissa, I was in prison for 3 years on a robbery charge because I drove the car.  Anyway some guys think I have money, they found out I was getting out and they followed me here.  They came into the house last night and they are holding Kaylene until I get money for them, the only way I can get rid of them is to give them money. I thought if I waited you would open the safe for me and then I could get rid of them, you have to help me".

Melissa said "call the police". "No"  Jack said "I can't do that, they will hurt her".  Melissa said "I know the Chief and he's a good man please let me talk to him and see what we can do" . Jack said "they can't go to the house, I am a  good person, I made a mistake and I have paid my dues, but I don't know what to do about this.  If you had not shown up I would have had the money by breaking into the safe".  "Yes" Melissa said, "and then you would be in trouble again.  Let me call him and see what we can do". Jack gave in and said okay.  Melissa called  Gary at the station and ask him to come over to the loan office. 

As Gary got closer he was suspicious as to the looks of the window also, so he came around to the back and as he did Melissa opened the door. She said "Gary, come in I need to talk to you and see what you can do".  Melissa was still scared but was a little more calm now that Gary was here.  She explained the problem to Gary and he seemed to understand, he called back the station and told them to very quietly meet him here at  the loan company.  Now Jack was really scared, he looked so handsome just sitting there like a scared little boy but Melissa could see he wasn't a little boy. His dark wavy hair and deep blue eyes and the love he had for his sister was obvious.  He had a kind heart and was a good looking man, that helped also.

She wondered why Kaylene had not mentioned him before, was she ashamed of him?  Anyway there was time for these thoughts later.  Gary talked to Jack and then he said, "you do what you planned, take the money to them".  "Melissa" he said, "unlock the safe give him the money and we will take it from there".  Gary was close to Kaylene as a matter of fact he was in love with her.  Kaylene had told Gary all about her brother, how he was set up and was a really good guy, so Gary knew it was okay to trust him.  He knew he would not let anything happen to her. He planned it all out. 
Gary was to take the money to the men and give it to them and then as they left town the police would pick them up.  Jack just couldn't believe how nice these people were.  His sister had told him about them in all her letters but never did he imagine how wonderful and caring they were.  He just couldn't understand why she had not told them about him, but that would come later.  His main concern was for her safety now.  Jack took the money and, in his car and drove to the house.  The police followed far behind, some were already at the house as they spoke,  watching to make sure Kaylene was alright.  Jack drove up and went into the house.  He hugged Kaylene and said how sorry he was for all of this.  

She had been crying, she was so afraid.  He gave the men the money and they left, the police let them get far enough away from the house so as to not have any trouble.  They arrested the men for robbery and put them in jail.  Jack never saw them again.

Melissa went straight to the house to see if Kaylene was alright and she was.  Jack told how good Melissa was and how she helped.  Melissa could not help but see how handsome he was and caring, she felt like this could be a lasting relationship here.  Jack looked at her and as he did, he said how sorry he was they had to meet under these conditions.  Melissa laughed, "What a story for the future" she said.  Then he smiled and said "can I see you again under different circumstances"?  She knew she saw a gleam in his eye,  one she would learn to live with.

Now as she sat looking out of the window.   Jack came with a load of firewood for the fireplace.  She was so content with her life, but would always remember the day and the way she met the love of her life.

By Harriett Dash 2001