Seeing Through The Darkness

As Janie is standing in front of the window she is thinking of Larry, she can't imagine life without  him but she feels the sun on her face and the birds singing, even though darkness surrounds her. It must be a beautiful day she thought or the birds wouldn't be singing. But in her heart, the sorrow was still there. She knew how to pray but it just seemed as if her prayer for comfort could not get through at his time.  She also knew God always has a plan and she felt she was in it some way and she was willing to wait.

As Janie is standing there she is thinking of the day it all happened and what led up to the accident.  "She remembers the day like it was yesterday. It was just another day in her full life.  She was waiting for Larry to pick her up, they were going to play tennis. She thought, "he is so handsome in his white tennis shorts and loves to play tennis, wants to be a pro and teach  others when he gets out of school."   She had grown up with Larry and they were very close never thinking their relationship could go any further than the very best of friends.
He was going to work at the club where his parents belong. Larry's parents were very proud of him and gave him everything he wanted. His Mom would have spoiled him but his Dad put a stop to it, said he needed to learn to make it on his own. Larry had never know about the Lord even though he was a good person, he lived a free hearted life, not understanding about the love of Jesus.  Janie knew her work was cut out for her. He never criticized her for the way she felt,  as a matter of fact it seemed as if he had a hunger to have it. She was always very careful of her reactions to things that happened, and included the Lord in all things and  he watched this all the time. They were close enough for him to tell her about his family, his personal feelings. Many times he would talk about the arguments they had over just little things. His Dad drank to much and his Mom didn't like it. They loved him but it wasn't the kind of home Janie had,    A christian home  surrounded with love and kindness. There was love like he had never seen.  He was  spending more time at Janie house  than at his own.  He was drinking some too, maybe a little more than usual. Janie had no idea what it was like to be without loving parents so she would just listen when he wanted to talk.

One day she finally asked him if there was trouble at home and he said his parents were getting a divorce and  he just couldn't handle it. She asked him to go on a picnic with her,  just to talk about it and see if something would work out.  She loved him very much and couldn't stand to see him hurting like this. They had been friends for such a long time. As Larry drove up It looked as if  he had been drinking a little to much but he was always a good driver and  would probably be okay....

She screamed but it was too late. Larry didn't see the truck coming,  He was thinking of his problems at home and that was the last thing Janie remembered, it wasn't his fault really and maybe someday she would be able to see again but right now it seems as if today and everyday is forever.  Just waiting for the hurt and the pain of loosing someone you love to go away, she thought,  "maybe then I will be able to see the sunshine again and see the birds that  are singing".  She knew for everything  there is a reason and maybe the Lord wanted Larry to see goodness and know you can have fun in life and still be a christian. Janie never let anything stand in the way of going to church, sometimes Larry would come and just sit outside but he heard the word and Janie knew  in her heart that he received something.
There was a change in him, he would ask if he could drive Janie  when she sang in the choir. She thought, "I should have known God had a plan" She knew he was sent to her in God's time and someday she would see him and know him and they would be friends again.

By Harriett Dash  2001        Home