Rocking Chairs In Heaven

Little Betsy was sick and had been for years. Her parents were very concerned about her. Thing had changed in the last few week. For some reason she was always in good spirits, it seemed as if she always fell asleep with a smile on her face. Then when she was alone in her room her Mother  could hear her  talking to someone but when she opened the door there was no one in the room.

She went in one day and sat by her bed, she had decided to ask her about it
and see who she was talking to. "Betsy, who are you talking to ?", she asked.

"Betsy honey, who are you talking to?"  Betsy just smiled and said, "I'm 
talking to Jesus, Mommy."   "Honey" She said,  "you can't be talking to Jesus,
He's not in your room, he's in heaven." "Oh, but I am Mommy, He's in the room with me and he holds me till I go to sleep at night. He's in the rocking chair by my bed, He's always right there."

A few days passed by and then it happened, one night Mrs. Taylor came
into the room to check on Betsy and she was laying in the rocking chair all
curled up as if she was in someone's arms. You see there was no way Betsy could have gotten in the rocking chair, Betsy couldn't walk. She picked her up
with a look of shock on her face as she did. Betsy didn't weigh a thing, she was as light as a feather, it was so odd like someone else was holding her. 

She quietly left the room and went back to bed. The next morning she 
went into her daughters room and she was laying in her bed sleeping so
peaceful like she had never been out of bed.

Betsy opened her eyes as her Mother placed a kiss on her forehead. She sat down by her daughter and ask her about the rocking chair. Betsy told her Mom once more how Jesus would rock her to sleep each night, how all the pain was gone, then she said something that would change her Mother's life.

"Mommy, I don't want you to be afraid, but Jesus wants me to come with Him to live. Mommy, when He is here  I'm not sick, I don't have any pain and I feel so happy. Would it be all right with you if I left with Him?"

She knew she couldn't answer her child right then, it was to quick for her.
She just stared at her daughter and tears filled her eyes. She had watched her daughter suffer so much with this sickness that she had in her body. Even the doctors couldn't figure out what it was. Then one day the pain stopped. Betsy seemed fine. She took her back to the doctor but the doctors said "It's still there and she's losing ground quickly."  He couldn't understand why she wasn't in terrible pain.

Then one night a few days after Betsy had asked her Mom about her
leaving, she was going to her room to check on her. She always left the
door open so she was about to enter she heard her saying. "Yes, I understand and I'll tell her tonight, are you sure she'll be okay?" Then she was silent for a moment and then said, "See you soon, Please don't leave without me."

She then entered the room and looked at her daughter, "Honey" she said, "I understand and it's okay if you want to go you can."  Betsy hugged her Mom
and smiled and closed her eyes, no more pain, the room filled with such peace
and all was well, she had a beautiful smile on her face.

Sometimes we must suffer the pain in order to relieve  someone else's.
In the small casket Mrs. Taylor placed this note addressed to Jesus.

Return Of An Angel
Lord I hate returning things but this I have to do.
I have an angel I have to return to you.
She came for me to care for with a broken wing.
But in her perfect heart,  she had a song to sing.

One that spread joy to everyone she touched.
And even though she's coming back she was loved very much.
She spread laughter and sprinkles of Joy.
She to me was the perfect little toy.

She looked at me with beautiful eyes and knew that her I loved.
Thank you Lord for loaning her to me from up above.
I know now she was a loan to touch and fill my heart.
I'm just having a hard time knowing from me she must part.

Could you come down and maybe stand by my side for awhile?
Could you replace this broken heart with a smile?
Just remind me Lord, angels belong to you.
Remind me Lord it's only the best things for us you do.

I'm just having a terrible time Lord, my life is ripped apart.
Could you come down and mend this broken heart.
I hope I'm not asking too much, I'm grateful for all you've done.
But you see Lord, she was the only one.

So as I'm down on my knees place a peace within.
All I'm asking Lord is for this broken heart to quickly mend.

by Harriett Dash   March 2004   Home