New Motorcycle


What is it with men in their prime years, "little play on words there"?

Mine wants a motorcycle, not just any motorcycle but a roaring Harley, he thinks if he can sit on one of them he will go back into his younger days. He does not realize he can go back to the hospital.

I told him we had been there and done that and we need to go on with our life, you know reach out for new and better things, slower things like a van to haul the Grand children around in.

I do get a kick out of seeing a older man with gray hair and a beard riding down the road defying nature of it usual running course like a rocking chair.

I like to follow them and wait for them to have to get off, grunting and groaning with the lift of the leg. I know they sit and drink their coffee real slow wondering how they are going to get back on.  I guess Wal-Marts could get in an extra supply of stop pain and we could put it in the saddle bags, just in case.

Bet I could sell that stuff for 50.00 dollars a bottle to them old men on their rides.

We know that leather is hot, not cool, it was cool when we were young but not now, we can be really honest, it was hot and smelly and you couldn’t move in those pants.

Speaking of that I still have his original leather jacket, of course its a little dry and a little small, I guess leather does shrink..."sure it does".

Ours didn’t have a wind shield and we didn’t have to have a helmet so we picked the bugs off our teeth, and you couldn’t hear anything the other said, you had to yell or just be quiet till you got there and try to remember all you wanted to say.

Now they have speakers in the helmets and an intercom system and a huge windshield to keep the wind off of you. Where’s the fun at?

I remember one day we were riding down the road and I saw a spring jump off the front handle, I screamed out, "what was that"?  He said its okay just a front brake, we still have the rear ones. I imagine us flipping over and over trying to stop after that, so the fun was gone out of that ride.

But I have the problem solved now. Some friends of our went together and bought him a new Harley....of course when the batteries run down they’ll have to be replaced but at least he’ll be sitting in the floor and won’t be falling to the ground.
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