Most Unusual Day

Well the day started out kind of unusual. It was time to go to the stable and work the horses. Crystal had not ridden in a couple of weeks. The last time she rode, the horse stumbled and fell and she sprained her ankle real bad.  She knew why they named him Fire Ball. He was quite a handful.  Crystal was good with horses though and loved them very much.  She had been raised with horses and her Dad was a trainer and he broke horses for a living. But on this particular day she was a little distracted. 

The new guy Hank had came to work about 3 months ago and he was so handsome, he was tall and dark from working outside a lot and had the most beautiful green eyes. It was like when he looked at you and talked, you just kind of melted into them. She  knew better,  she knows it takes concentration to work a horse. Hank told her he would ride if she wanted because the horse needed to be broken, but she wanted to show him she could do it.  She had watched him around the ranch and he was good.  He came over and was fixing the bridle and the saddle for her and he touched her leg, "I'm sorry" he said and smiled. She melted again. He was so nice. He asked if she wanted him to ride along side of her and they could take them out into the open field. "Yes" she said, "that's a good idea".

The horse was kind offast but she could handle him. Hank rode close to her, so she thought 'I'll show him I am good at this' so she kicked the horse and off he took, just a little faster than what she wanted. Well, Hank took off after her,  he could see the panic on her face.  He was very attracted to her also. He rode along side of her and she reached for him and he hung onto her.  The horse ran on ahead.  His arms were so strong around her waist,  she was kind of glad she had kicked the horse, but she was a little shaken. He stopped and let her gently to the ground.  Hank got off his horse and she leaned on him for a few minutes, he kept his arms around her glad for the opportunity to hold her.

Hank had been there for only 3 months but he had watched Crystal from a distance, had watched her handle the horses with love and was good to people. He loved the beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair.  She was tall and slim and walked so gracefully, he knew he was falling in love with her, but had no idea she even knew he was alive. He had sent her flowers and candy while she was hurt but she never once acknowledge the fact she had gotten them. She gently pushed him away embarrassed at what she had done, she told him, " I am sorry,  I never should have kicked him not knowing him".  Hank looked at her, "That's okay" he said "I am kinda glad you did." Her face turned red, she remembered the hold he had on her as he  saved her from the run away horse.  

He said "here climb up behind me and I will take you back to the barn and then come back and get the horse."   As she climbed behind him and placed her arms around him, she gently laid her head on his shoulder. Hank was on top of the world now, he knew there was a chance for him.  He could feel the warmth from her being so close to him and wished it could always be this way. 

Crystal didn't  really know how to handle this situation, she had never felt this way before,  Oh yes, puppy love growing up , but never this attraction. It seemed as if her heart would beat out of her chest and her face felt pink every time he spoke.  She remembered the flowers and candy and thought it was just a nice thing to do but now she realized there was something else going on here, well at least she was in hopes there was.

As they got back to the barn he helped her down, and then he looked at her and then it happened, as he got closer to her, she knew he was going to kiss her. She lifted her head and he placed a kiss upon her lips like she had never felt.  This was not puppy love, this was special.  She knew and Hank knew this was the beginning of a very special relationship. 

As the days went on, Hank got up the nerve to ask her out. "Yes"  she said, I would love that".  Well, she had never seen him without his wranglers on and his western shirt, because that is what he worked in.  He had a sport jacket on with a cream colored pullover and a pair of kaki pants and still of course had his cow boy boots on, which made him very tall.  His black wavy hair perfect and his eyes had a sparkle to them.  When she opened the door that night, her heart melted. He was the most handsome fellow she had ever seen and he had chosen her.  

She knew this guy would never get away.  This had been what she had been waiting for and as Hank looked at her, he knew  this was the woman of his dreams.  Crystal had always been in blue jeans and now there she was in a free flowing cotton dress with little rose's on it and her lips were so beautiful, her eyes were shinning as the moon light hit them, he felt like heaven was at the door, he knew this was a night  neither one of them would ever forget.  He reached out his hand and they walked out the door not saying a word but knowing each others thoughts. Wow! what an unusual day it had been at the barn.

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