In The Mist of Trouble

I remember this like it was yesterday as I sit here thinking how good God is.  My Momma was named after her Father's last name.  Her name was Alexandria.  A very strong name.  She had left a big city home  and married my Dad because she loved him.  It was against her parent's wishes but she had a mind of her own.  She would not at any time ask for help from her parents.

As we sat around the table, our thoughts were of little Jimmy and how we were going to pay the doctor bills.  Now old Doc didn't ask for much, he had always been so kind and came to the house every time we called, but he did tell Momma that Jimmy would need an operation very soon.  He was getting worse.  My Momma would never let us kids know how worried she was.  She was so strong but I knew. I was older than Jimmy and I had watched him suffer and try to breathe.  Jimmy had been born with a blockage in his nose and as he grew, it grew and it was blocking his airway.  I had watched her sit up all night with him when he was having problems.  Well, I could hear her talking to him and telling him what to do, how to hold his head back and force the air from his mouth.  My baby sister would sleep through it all and if she woke up I'd just rock her back to sleep.  I knew it was the only thing I could do to help Momma.

As I sat there I understood that my Pa was going to have to leave and get a job making more than what he was making.  The doctor bills were getting bigger and bigger.  He reached out and took Momma's hand and held it so tightly.  I cried as I watched them.  They had never been apart.  He worked so hard at the saw mill but could not seem to get ahead.  We were happy together and never did want for anything but the think with Jimmy was really hard on us all.  They talked low, thinking I guess I should not hear their plans.  I knew I had to help somehow.

Dad said if things didn't get better by the end of the month he'd do what he had to do.  We all turned in for the night but I didn't sleep.  I was thinking as to what we could do to raise money.  My Pa had sit by the fireplace and had read the bible to me so many times and I knew God had a plan.  He always said our life is in His hands.  I needed those hands now to hold me and hold my baby brother.  I prayed, "Lord give me a plan, let me know how to help".

As I lay there in my nightshirt that my Momma had made, it dawned on me.  My Mom was the best seamstress around anywhere.  The ladies were always bragging on her dresses and her aprons were so beautiful.  Then it hit me.  I fell asleep thinking and knowing the idea came from God.  My Momma had been taught by the very best.  She had been taught to sew and cook because that is what ladies did.

The next morning I couldn't wait to tell Momma about it.  She looked so tired.  I asked her to sit down and then I went on to tell her about the sewing.  "Oh, honey"  she said.  "I don't think the ladies would want me to make clothes for them."   "No"  I said "You don't have to make them for them.  You can make them and take them to the store in town that Mr. Taylor owns.  He has a beautiful dress shop and the store bought dresses are not as pretty as the ones you make.  We could make a deal with him.  He can furnish the material and you could do the sewing and split the money.  Just till we get on our feet and we get enough money for Jimmy's operation.  "My goodness Laura, I didn't mean for you to worry about this.  Your Dad and I can handle it.  It's not your responsibility honey."  Laura walked away hurt because she thought it was such a great idea.   As she walked away it came to her again, "go to the store and talk to Mr. Taylor and then talk to Mom".

She got dressed and ran all the way to town.  She ran inside the store out of breath. Mr. Taylor looked at her,  "What's the problem, Laura?  Is your brother alright?"   "Oh yes"  she said, "it's not that.  I have to ask you something and I want you to think about it.  "Do you think my Momma makes pretty clothes?"   "Yes, I certainly do" he said.  "Well, do you think if you gave my Momma material and she made some dresses and aprons, you could sell them?  Please Mr. Taylor, Jimmy has to have an operation and we don't have the money.  You know my Dad won't take anything from any body.  Mr. Taylor looked at her little face, "Laura, I would be more than happy to do that, you tell your mom to come down and pick out some patterns and some material and get right on it and ask her is she could tailor fit some of the ladies.  They would love that.  As a matter of fact if she wants, she can use my back room.  Laura reached up and hugged him.  He blushed and said, "now you get on home and talk to your Momma."  As Laura walked in the house she heard Momma talking to Jimmy.  He was really bad today.  The weather had changed and he was all stopped up.  She knew Momma had to agree to this.  It had to be done.

As soon as she got Jimmy down to rest she asked her Mom to come sit down.  "Momma" she said.  "Now don't get mad at me.  I know the Lord told me to do this  and you have to believe in me."  "Laura, you know I don't want to talk about it right now."  "Mamma, I won't take no for an answer.  I have talked to Mr. Taylor and he is excited about it.  He said yes to it Momma.  He said you could even use the back of his store to fit ladies that wanted special dresses made.  And as far as the aprons, he can sell all of those you can make.  The ladies would love that.  He can't order them from the city stores."

As Laura spoke, her Mother began to cry.  "Oh honey, you are so special to me.  If this is what you want I will try and do the best I can, but you will have to help by watching after Jimmy and your sister."  Alexandria went to the store to talk to Mr. Taylor.  She was getting excited.  In a matter of weeks the ladies in town were placing orders for clothes.  Mr. Taylor told her he was going to advance her money for anything she wanted and you know as I look back now I think the townspeople all helped on this.  It just happened to be the amount that was needed for Jimmy to have the operation he needed.

You know, I think with all my heart that God has a plan and as soon as we open up our hearts and minds to His plan, it works.  There was no way my parents would take charity but in this way, she knew her and God together had done it.

by Harriett Dash 2002  Home