For the Love of horses

Danielle and Jonathan grew up together, they grew up with a dream of someday owning a horse farm .  Danielle looks back to when she was a little girl.

Johnathan was always there for her.  She remembered one day when she was having such a problem getting on her horse Majik.  Her Father was no where around and she wanted to ride so bad.  Jonathan came running to help her, "here" he said, "put your foot in my hands and I'll help you."

Jonathan said, "how are you going to ride without a saddle?"  Danielle just smiled, "I can ride bare back.   Jonathan, I can do anything," and she slipped upon Majik and then just slipped all the way over and fell to the ground.  They both just rolled and laughed.  "Well" she said "I think I can."  Danielle was always so sure of her self and Jonathan was always there to make it happen.  He was very strong for a boy his age because he had always worked on a farm.

One day they were playing in the hay loft of Danielle's barn and she was swinging on the rope that went outside and Jonathan gave her a big shove an she hit the hay stack out side and went right down to the middle.  Jonathan came running down the ladder and was throwing hay everywhere to find her.  She had hay in her long auburn hair and was laughing so hard.  He was almost mad at her for frightening him, but as he looked at her and the straw and hay in her hair, he knew he wouldn't stay mad long.

She loved the smell of hay and helped her Dad clean stalls and the barn all the time and Jonathan was always hanging around and helping.  Even as they turned into teens they still played and worked together at the barn and cared for the horses.  They knew everything there was to know about caring for them.  They were both young but each had big dreams.

There was a big meadow and the horses were always in it except of course when it was bad and then they were kept in the barn.  Jonathan came over everyday.

He had this big hat he wore, it was just him, he wore it no matter if the sun was shinning or if it was raining.  Danielle remembered their first day of school.  Luckily they lived in the country and the kids didn't laugh.  Any way he wanted to wear it through school. "No, absolutely not," the teacher had told him.  So he decided he just wouldn't go to school.  She smiled to herself, it had taken her a long time to convince him to put it with his jacket and then put it right back on after school.

Johnathan loved to ride horses and he and Danielle rode all the time.  There was a big open field and it was full of tall green grass.  Danielle's Dad let her and Jonathan sow seed for hay and grass.  Jonathan always had that hat on, you'd think it was glued to his head.  Then as they got a little older, he kinda stopped wearing it.

As a matter of fact she remembered the first time she saw him without it and his hair all combed and fixed.  When he was little and in school she never noticed it, he just always had that hat on.  My what a beautiful head of hair he had, golden blond highlights and the sun just made it sparkle.

They both had just turned sixteen that summer and he had ask her if she would go to the movies with him.  He walked up to the door and "no hat".   She looked at him, he was so cute, she didn't feel fifteen, she felt like a grown woman with what she felt for Jonathan.  They went to the movies and as they sat there, he sneaked his arm around her and she leaned over toward him.  She knew she couldn't imagine life without him.

As time went on they still spent time together, then the day came school was out for them both.  Jonathan went away to the army and Danielle got a job in their home town, the letters and contact got further and farther apart.  Jonathan moved around so much.  It was always in both their hearts the wonderful childhood they had and the closeness they had.  It was kind of like an unspoken word, they would always be together.

Danielle had kept the picture of them together of him pushing her upon the horse that eventful day.  Mom had taken it and given them both one.

Suddenly two months had passed and no word from Jonathan.   He just stopped writing and the calls were once in a while.  He got out of the army and stayed in Texas.  He had said something about a job and didn't have much time on his hands and to please just wait on him, that was all.

A year had passed by so quickly but yet it seemed forever. Just a short letter once in a while.. saying.. not to long now... please wait for me....  Then all of a sudden, she received a call.  Jonathan was coming home and wanted to know if he could see her.  He sounded funny and he said, "still love me?"  Sure hope so because I got great news......but didn't give her time to answer.  It was strange but the feeling, the excitement was still there no matter how long it had been.  She went running out to the barn, grabbed Majik by the neck,  "Guess what?" she said, "guess who's coming home?  Majik was older now but still beautiful,  Danielle had taken good care of him.  She always talked to Majik, every since she was a little girl she had loved Majik.  She now could bathe and brush him all by herself without standing on a stool.

She still had all the letters Jonathan had written her,  all tied with a ribbon in a box.   They were hidden in the hay loft.  She would go out and read them on days she was especially lonely.  She wondered how he looked and if he thought of her while he was gone, if he had found someone else and had wondered why the letters had been so short and why he didn't say what was going on.  It sure was a lonely time for her, she hoped it was for him.

The day came and she waited by the phone, it rang and she knew when she heard his voice, it was still there, what she had felt since they were children.

She waited by the door and as she opened it, there he stood with his cowboy hat on and she started laughing.  He reached out his arms for her and she fell into them.  She then pushed him away and looked at him, "why?" she said, "why haven't you written?  Its been months, and calling me like this, like it was yesterday...what happen?"  He smiled and then he told her the story.

"Well its like this,.  I didn't want to say anything but as soon as I got out of the army, you remember I mentioned it in the last letter I wrote you? I told you my buddy wanted me to come work for his Dad.  He had a lot of land and he said if I came and helped him with his Dad's ranch and stayed with him for a year,  he would give me some horses and a piece of land and I could start my own ranch.   I didn't want to say anything till I knew for sure.  If I kept writing and calling, I would want to come home, so all I could do was stare at our picture and hope and pray you would hold on till I got it and got here.

I have us a ranch Honey,  and I have us a house if you still want me.  Danielle let out a scream and jumped into his arms.  "Yes!" she said  "Oh yes".  All because of a small picture and the memories of growing up together. Their dreams had come true and of course Majik would go anywhere they went.  After all he was what put them together in the first place.

Harriett Dash 2008