Dreams do come true.
Amy was scared, she looked all around but couldnít find her guardian.
The people were gathered all around her. She remembered what her guardian had said, if you get lost stand in one spot and Iíll find you, donít be afraid and if you see a policeman, ask him to stand with you. As she stood there her mind went back to the other time she has gotten lost and then the tears began to fall. She seen a place to set down and she took her basket of bread and cheese and sat there looking all around.
She couldnít hold back the tears and the fear in her heart.
Amy was an orphan, her Mother had passed away when she was very small and she had only the memory of going from one home to another till someone would adopt her and give her a permanent home. She dreamed of the day. The orphanage was very good to her but so many girls, no one had time to give special love. As she looked through the crowd she wondered if maybe, just maybe a woman would come along and see her desire for love and take her in their arms and love her special. She placed her head in her hands and about that time she heard a voice asking her was she okay.  As Amy looked up she saw the most beautiful warm brown eyes looking at her.  Iím lost, she told the lady and I donít know how to get home from here.
My name is Joanna and whats yours, she asked .  My name is Amy Matthewís and I live at Towsend Square. Joanna sat down with her to calm her down and said, what do you have in your basket and Amy said, bread and cheese. Miss Mattie told me to hold the basket and sheíd be right back but she didnít come back and Iím scared.
Joanna placed her arm around Amy and said, donít be afraid, Iíll stay here with you and if she doesnít come back you can go home with me and weíll find her. As Amy leaned against Joanna she felt so safe and she smelled so good, like a Mom should smell. She was tall and had sandy colored hair and the most beautiful hat on and velvet coat. It was a misty day and Joanna placed the umbrella so it covered Amy.  They sat and talked for a few minutes. As Joanna looked at the small child, her heart hurt, she thought what it would be like to have such a wonderful child in her home. How could a mother let a child out of her sight for one moment. She thought how her and her husband had wanted children but she couldnít have any and how she would treasure such a blessing.  Amy felt Joannaís arms tighten around her and she felt so secure.  The lost feeling she had was gone and she prayed in her heart that Miss Mattie would never come back.  Poor Amy didnít want to go back to the orphanage she wanted to go home with Joanna. It was like love at first sight, a closeness between them.  They talked and ate some of the bread and cheese and laughed at the other children playing in the open court yard.
Finally Joanna said, I must take you home now since Miss Mattie hasnít come back.  Amy, is she your Mother and you call her Miss Mattie?  Amy replied, "Oh no, sheís the lady that takes care of the orphans in Townsend Square. Joanna heart began to pound. Joanna said you mean you donít have a Mother or Father? No said Amy. And then Joanna knew God had sent her to the market place on that special day to find Amy. Joanna had not wanted to come out since she had lost her little girl in childbirth she had been very depressed and prayed everyday for the Lord to help her to get over the pain. Her husband told her she needed to be out in the air and to go to the market place and walk around.  Now she knew it was Godís plan, this day and at this time to be here at this very moment. As she stood up to take Amyís hand she heard a voice call out. "Amy, where have you been? called Miss Mattie, Iíve been looking all over for you and about that time she looked at the lady that was holding Amyís hand. She bowed down and said gracefully to Joanna. Oh my goodness, Mrs Joanna,
Iím so sorry if the child has been any trouble to you. She wandered off from the rest of the children, she is always looking  for a mother. Joanna looked at Miss Mattie and spoke so gently and said, and she has found her one.
It was no problem at all for Joanna to adopt little miss Amy and give her a good home.  Amy was so happy and knew in her heart one day her dreams would come true and they did.

© by Harriett Dash 5/9/08