Bad Start,   Good Finish

Not knowing the danger they were in the girls set out for a day of fun.  Carol acts as if she really knows what she is doing and Susan thinks she does.  Carol's brother Gary, had shown her a little about riding a four wheeler and so she thought she knew it all.  Susan is hanging on sitting on the back, she  has no idea of the danger she is in and for that matter neither does Carol.  It is a little chilly but they were only going in
the woods up on Whittaker Ridge, so not thinking it may get really cold or anything about the future for that matter off they went.  

Carol put the gas to it and it jerks hard, Susan said  "You do know how to drive this thing don't you?" Carol said, "and what could there be to it, brake and gas, just like a car".  They both laughed.  The ridge got a little steep but they just hung on and Carol was telling Susan to just lean forward.  When they go up hill, she had heard her brother say it could tip over, but Carol paid no attention to that statement thinking he just didn't want her to take his four wheeler.

There sure were a lot of trees in the path but she did a good job of avoiding them and they were just laughing and having a good time.  Susan said "I can see the top of the Ridge", "good"  Carol said, "I need to get off of this thing for a little while".   They reached the top and got off.  It was beautiful, the trees were so tall and you could see for miles.  They sat down on a rock to just talk and about that time the four wheeler started rolling, Carol had left it in neutral and off it went.  They both started running after it and Carol got hold of the front and hung on while Susan placed a rock behind it but it was too late,  Carol slid and sprained her ankle.  She screamed out and let go of the front and when she did, off the four wheeler went.  Susan grab Carol and they both sat down and just stared at it as it rolled.  "Oh my goodness"  said
Carol, "my brother will kill me".  Susan said "we have to start back since we have to walk now and get some help".  Carol said "I can't walk, what are we going to do?"  Susan said,  "I can't leave you here alone, I don't know."  "Yes" said Carol, "you have to go get some help".

Carol was scared now, she sure wished she had listened to her brother.  She didn't know how to set the brake and she knows he tried to show her.  Carol  said,  "you have to go before it gets to late, I don't want to be here after dark."  Susan started off running and the hill was steep but she knew she had to hurry.  She really didn't like the idea of being alone out here and was just wishing someone else would come along.  She had mud all over her from slipping and sliding and her hair was a mess.  She kept going and half way down the hill she heard it! Another four wheeler!  She screamed  "Help!"  as loud as she could.  Was she surprised, it was Harlan from down the road and she didn't like him at all, he was always trying to get a date with her.  She didn't know he had a bike, it was a trail bike and it was so loud she thought it was a four wheeler. 

"Hey Princess",  he said "what's the problem? He got off and came over to her and put his arm around her,  "can I help you Sweetie"?  "No", she said "and get your hands off me", she pulled away but he just kept on saying "now sweetie, you  in trouble"?  About that time she heard a four wheeler coming and she yelled  as she saw who it was.  Thank goodness it was Tommy, a guy from school that she adored, but she thought he didn't even know her name.  He had heard her yell for him.  She was so frighten. He got off his four wheeler and said zz'what's the problem here"?  "Nothing's the problem here", Harlan said, I can handled it.  Tommy got up in his face and said "handle it somewhere else and hit the road now".  Tommy saw the mud on Susan, "you okay?" he said.  "He didn't bother you did he?"  "No" said Susan, "I'm  fine, really".   She was a bit shaken but she was thinking, 'he was so cute and I am such a mess, and little Miss Cutie is sitting up there all clean and pretty' .  "What are you doing up here Susan?" he asked.  She was so surprised he knew her name.  Susan told him what had happen and he said "get on and lets go back up and see what I can do". 

He saw the four wheeler laying upside down. He said "I don't think you and I can get that thing back up but if you want we can give it a try".  They both got off and Tommy set the brake on his and parked it to the side.  They both pulled and pulled at it till it rolled over.  "Now,"  he said "you are going to have to ride this one to the bottom because if her ankle is as bad as you say she can't change gears" .  "Change gear". Susan said, "she never changed gears going up".  "Okay, he said and laughed,  he showed her how to gear it down and hold to the brake and go real slow, he said "I will go in front and you follow behind. I have to go to  the top and get Carol and I will be right back".  Off he went, Susan though 'what a lousy stinking day this has been, its cold and getting dark and here I stand all alone'.

About that time here came Tommy and Carol, of course she was all snuggled up to Tommy and had his jacket on and there she was with a great big smile on her face.  Well Tommy told her again how to  shift down and hold to the brake and off they went.   Susan did feel sorry for Carol because her ankle was swollen awful bad.  Susan drove real slow and then they pulled into the yard and Tommy carried Carol into the house.  Tommy had to leave, and Susan and Carol had to face Gary.  He came running in the house,  "what in the world happen?!"   Carol looked so pitiful laying there, Gary said "are you okay?"  "Yes" Carol said "but kind of in pain right now",  thank goodness Gary loved his sister more than he did his  four wheeler.  Susan left for home and told Carol to call her if she needed her and all the while she was thinking,  'what a day, all I wanted to do was go four wheeling.  Well I know one thing I will never again go four wheeling or even look at a mountain or wooded area ever again'.

About that time the phone rang, "Oh no" she said,  it can't be Carol calling, "what?"  she said.  A nice smooth voice came back over the phone, "Hi",  Tommy said. "I just thought maybe you'd like to go to a movie and get a bite to eat and on Sunday,  I could take you for a ride to see some really beautiful places since I know you like four wheeling'.  Susan thought her heart would stop, "well"  she said "I would love
that".  He said "but the mud has to go, can't be seen with a muddy girl"  and they both laughed.  She guessed she could maybe just this one more time go four wheeling.

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