A Memory Restored

A friend of mine brought her little Grandbaby to see me today. My heart was so full to look at the most beautiful child I had seen in a while. She had a smile that would light up a room, she laughed at everything even when she woke up. Iím thinking this child is special. Mine cried because they had to go to sleep and cried because they had to wake up.

Anyway after she left I sat and pondered about the time we had spent together, most of the time just playing with Emma and watching her, it was great.

I begin to think of some of the things with mine and the most funny one was her first sickness. I knew it was terrible and sheíd never get well it was as bad for me as her. I had sat up all night and just listen to her to make sure she was breathing, she was a very deep sleeper and still is. I put her in bed with me and she was hot and her little nose ran while she was asleep. Her head was hot, I knew tomorrow she was going to the doctor. You know what I love about doctors, they act like you have the degree.

Now lets see, what seems to be the problem here, howís Missy today? Iím thinking duh? Is he a real doctor? Then the poor baby has to be stripped off and turn blue in the office and then he puts the cold stethoscope against her little chest and caused her to start screaming, then after that of course she starts coughing, he says when you get her under control, Iíll be back. I felt like yelling into the stethoscope, Doc, you started it, you finish it. Only a mother can stop a baby from crying so I knew he couldnít handle that job either. What I donít understand is why the nurse ask all the same questions and you give her the answers and she writes them down and he looks at the chart but canít read it, he ask the same things, there we go again, duh, can you not read. I begin to feel a little dizzy anyway, up all night without any sleep and the worry. He checks her ear, her eyes and then looks at me and says "she has a cold" and as for you young lady you need some rest.

As for the baby ,sheís probably exhausted because you kept her up all night. He gave me a prescription and a of course a huge bill for all my information. Needless to say I took her home, she went to sleep and felt fine when she awaken as for me, I was happy it was just a cold and not some terrible disease. It had been 13 years between children and I was to old for this kind of stuff. We did live through all the other things such a measles and chickenpox and now she is living the same life I lived with her own. Thank God we live to see pay day.

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