After The Storm

Beth sat down at the window, the morning fog was rising, it was so beautiful.  The sun sparkled upon the ground.  There were still little puddles of water everywhere, the sun glisten like little diamonds on top of each one.  How could anything so beautiful come from such an awful storm.  Fear gripped her heart, Glen was still out there trying to salvage something, he had gone out at  4 AM and had not returned yet.  As she sat there she realized how much she loved him and how she couldn't imagine life without him no matter where they lived, what was important was they were together.

She remembered how nervous she was, she lived in a big city and had always been near to everything and had it handed to her. She was working at a Cattleman's Convention as registration hostess.  She wanted to learn more about farming and volunteered to help.  She was thinking how handsome he was,  like he stood out from all the rest, he was over 6feet tall and had the biggest brown eyes.  He smiled at her as he wrote his name down and then he looked up and said, "Lady, you're the prettiest little philly I have ever seen, if you were mine, I'd put you in the best barn and even give you running water" . They  both laughed and just the sound of his voice made her feel all soft inside.  Every time he came by he would wink at her.  Finally after the convention he ask her out for coffee and she said yes and after that she knew she loved him and was heading for the best barn in the county and hoped it had running water.

Back to now ,she thought she didn't know when he would come back, they had a terrible argument before he left.  When the storm hit the power lines it knocked out the power, Glen had put kerosene lamps everywhere and brought in plenty of logs to go on the fireplace.  He told her he had to go and check the others in the surrounding area. Beth said no, he should stay there with her, he was always checking on the neighbors and she was afraid .  He said "you will be fine, there is enough logs to last for days and I won't be gone long"  She just turned her head and didn't speak to him as he left, he still kissed her and said "I won't be gone long".  

He was always going down to old man Jones's house and cutting wood for them so he wouldn't have to, and fix up around his place and the Langley's had came here from Britain and couldn't speak good English, so he was going over there every Saturday and teaching them to speak English.  She felt so all alone some times.  The Thompson's  had three kids and he was out of work so Glen took food to them till he got a job, even worked him around the ranch doing odd jobs he could do himself.  Glen was always doing for others.  She was really feeling sorry for herself and then all of a sudden she heard it....the wind blew so hard it broke a branch off the old oak tree CRASH!  She felt the house shake, it had hit the back part of the house. Beth got up and ran to the back part of the house to see the damage.

"Oh no"!  she cried, she could see outside, it had completely torn the end of the house off, where was Glen when she needed him?  She sat down and cried and then she got angry with herself and thought 'no use crying, I have to do something'. She got blankets and hammer and nails and nailed a cover over the wall to protect her and the rest of the house then sat by the fire and fell asleep. She was wakened by a banging on the door, it was Glen, the lightening had frighten the horse and he had fallen to the ground, his arm was cut real bad and he was wet and shaking.  She grabbed a blanket and sat him by the fire. He had nailed some boards over the windows of Old man Jones's house, the wind busted them out.  He went over to the Langley's and help them put the animals in the barn. Mr. Thompson was at work so he took Mrs. Thompson and the kids to her Mothers to stay.

Poor thing, she thought, there he was doing all he could for them and this happen to him. She told him about the tree and she was crying, he said "Honey, I built this house and I can fix it, don't you worry.  As soon as the waters go down and I can get to town, I'll fix it". She was just so happy to get Glen back it didn't matter.  She kept logs on the fire and kept him warm so he wouldn't get sick.  Three days had passed and he was still running a temperature but feeling a little better. They were sleeping and all of a sudden they woke up and heard banging and hammering and sawing.  They both ran to the back of the house and there  were all the neighbors, they said "we would have been here earlier but had to get the road fixed before we could get the lumber here, but we'll have her fixed before the day is over". Beth began to cry, how selfish she had been, she knew now what she had missed not being as good a neighbor as her Glen.  She started breakfast for all the workers and knew from then on she was a changed woman.

By Harriett Dash 2001    Home