A Better Day

As I opened my eyes, I felt kind of excitement about today, I felt like it was going to be a better day than usual or should I say just a little different. We women  have a feeling about these things. My children say I open my mouth and predict the future, but they don't know we were once  their age. I guess they think of us  as God, we were there when they were born and always was so they think we always were.

Even as a child I always knew tomorrow was going to be better than today, I had a good life growing up and was always excited about new things and different things. Sometimes my Mom would say "Girl, quit looking for something better and live where you are".  Well I knew what she meant because I was so busy living for   tomorrow I couldn't do very well with the day I had.  My mind wondered a lot but I knew what was good for me and I was a very  thoughtful person. So when I met my husband he fit right in my life, he understood me and I understood him. We both wanted a family and it was understood I would be the homemaker and he the provider.

Well needless to say my life was good but sometimes boring as  all lives I am sure ,so here came another day in my life I thought would be different. I had gotten to the place where I thought, I am taken for granted and not appreciated in my role as Mother and homemaker. So as I wake to a new day thinking "This will  be a better day I know.

My daughter Susan was already up which was unusual, she always lays until I come and get her up. "What seems to be the problem this morning I said to her. Susan said , "I am  not going to school, I'm quitting I am going to grow up and be a house wife like you, you don't need an education for that, I'll  just live upstairs and if I need anything I'll just ask you and Dad for it." Yes I thought different day is right! This isn't the kind of day I meant. I think my daughter was a lot like me always looking into the future instead of living for today. She was a sweet child but I really didn't know she thought it didn't take education to do what I was doing since I had to be Doctor, lawyer, bookkeeper,  mechanic, electrician and plumber for this household. I had to get them well when there were sick,  choose who was right and who was wrong in all arguments, keep everything together and pay the bills, call the auto parts place to keep the cars running and make sure all the plug ins worked and put new bulbs when they were blown, I thought I was very educated to be able to handle all these things.

Jim yells from upstairs, "Where's the soap, did you hide it somewhere"? "Use liquid soap", I yelled back. "It won't hurt you"! Gosh how could I have forgotten to buy soap, last week I didn't buy shampoo, I still think my son Billy washed the dog in it. Jim is still upset, "I'll smell like lemons all day",  he said. I was thinking, I really need to make a list of what I need. My family couldn't even go to the store or know when they used the last bar of soap or shampoo, that  was my job which I see this time I forgot, I forget a lot.

Billy, my son  had stripped all the covers off of his bed and I really didn't want to do any extra work today. He didn't want me to know he had let the dog sleep in his bed last night but since I caught him, he told me and he said he felt flea's all night.  My son was like his Dad he lived for the moment making the best of every situation. He was happy all the time and just laughed at his sister when she went through one of her spells, as he called them.
I loaded the washer and  the dryer, then all of a sudden the dryer went silent, like all I needed was a dead dryer. The washer started knocking like all I really wanted was a different day, a better day. I think this is where my knowledge of electrical appliances came in handy but not today. I had to get all the things out and put them in a basket.

Jim kissed me good bye and as he left he said "Don't forget to put my jacket in the cleaners and  pick up some shampoo and call the garage about the noise under the hood of the car and have a nice day honey". The phone rang , it was Kathy, Susan's girlfriend and she decided to be friends again so Susan decided she would go to school. They were the best of  friends and when one was upset so was the other.

When  is the good day going to start? Is this what I have  been excited about? I gathered all the wet cloths and went up to my friends house, she looked so pretty in the mornings, I thought how in the world does she do it.  Of course she doesn't have any children yet and her husband has a great job and she works part time in a Designer Firm so.....what is there not to look pretty about. Anyway she let me use her dryer but I had to stay awhile and talk.  But the longer I stayed and thought as I watched her talk, she didn't have anything to really talk about, no kids doing wild and crazy things or funny  things like sleeping with the dog or having a  daughter having an   argument with her best friend.  Pizza parties with the kids all laughing and running through the house, everything was in place at her house. Well anyway you can't just leave a load of cloths in a friends dryer so that took another hour.

By the time I got home it was  time for Susan to be home, she got out early because it was her music lesson day, which was far away from the day I was planning. As we got in the car I noticed the tire was low but no time now to do anything about it so I put some air in it and went on. Left Susan and came on back home, she said her friend would bring her home. As I entered the house the phone rang, I thought this is it, the good thing I have been waiting for. "Hello", I said and the voice on the other end sounded so nice, "Hello, how are you today?" "Who is this" I said and then it started, I am selling..."No" I said before he could even finish, I don't want it whatever it is. I hung up. It rang again and I thought this better not be another sales call. "Hello"  I said and the voice on the other end I knew, it was Jim. "Hi, honey, did you get my coat to the cleaners?"  "Yes of course" I lied, "it was the tan one honey, did you put the tan one in?" "Yes I knew which one you meant, I can read your mind, I knew you meant the tan one". Jim said "and honey, please get some soap, they have laughed at me all day calling me Mr. Lemon". Of course I rushed upstairs and got his jacket out of the closet to take to the cleaners. The tire seemed a little low but I felt it was okay. The cleaners said it would be ready in a couple of days, he'll never know I forgot.

"Wow, I can't believe its been such a long day.   By the time I got home it was time for supper, the kids would be here, Jim would be home. I fixed supper and had it on the table, I heard Jim come in the door, I called to the children, but Jim didn't come in the  dining room, went to the living room. I went in to find him sitting, so quiet, so to break the silence I said, I took your coat to the cleaners. He said, "I don't need it, I spilled ink on the  pants today and ruined all my blueprints on my desk"....."well"  I said, "its safe to say you had a lousy day, come on and eat supper , maybe a little food will make you feel better".  " What are we having?"  he asked, I told him "Taco's". "Oh good he said I love them, with plenty of tomatoes of course".

Oh no I thought, my heart just dropped I didn't have any tomato's. Jim said, "you can't eat them without tomato's". So I said "I am going to the store right now and get them". They all looked at me,  "you can't go in the middle of dinner and its too late to go out". I had never done any thing like this before. "No", I said "its my fault and I'll be right back". On the way I thought this has to be the worst day of my life and I  thought it was going to be better and different,  well its different okay. Well needless to say I forgot about the low tire and as I was going down the road I heard the hissing noise. I stopped at a  friends house and asked to use the phone and call a station, they came and got the car and me and I asked her to call my husband and let him know where I was.

Well by the time I got home it was late and too late to even think about tomato's. Jim met me at the door, "where have you been"? The kids came running and hugged me, they had been crying and Jim looked awful. Needless to say my friend forgot to call  and they had no idea where I was. I know I may be absent minded at times and think they don't care but the look on their faces showed me differently. I guess they just expect me to be the way I am.
Just when I was feeling good about myself, my neighbor knocked  on the door, "here are the socks you left in the dryer", I looked at my family, they just all laughed. Jim said, "honey you have had a rough day, come on in and set down", Susan cleaned up the kitchen and Billy put the sheets on his bed , "so come on and sit down and relax.  I'll fix us a nice hot cup of coffee, you know nothing is as important as us being together".

As Jim went into the kitchen I laid back on the sofa, I heard the cabinet doors opening and closing, in a few minutes I heard "Honey where is the coffee"? I just smiled.

Sometimes we have to accept our life for the moment as to how it is and make the best of it instead of expecting something different. We can improve the way we are but when you are blessed with love and family around you that care, you already have it all, don't fix something if it isn't broken.

Harriett Dash 1999  Home