Shake Not With The Wind

He said come unto me and I shall give thee rest
This He will do if unto Him we give our best.
It has been said about our soul, repentance is the key
This will take us from the hands of Satan, you and me.

His thoughts are not like our thoughts, yours and mine
Our God was not created but He created mankind.
His hands are not short nor heavy  His ear
When we call upon our Lord from our heart, He will hear.

No longer will we need the sun for the Lord will brighten from on high
It'll all be glory from heaven when we hear the Saviour cry.
Our spirits will fly through the windows of heaven as peaceful as a dove
He'll gather us in His arms and show the true meaning of love.

The spirit of the Lord is upon us, no more mourning will there be
When He opens wide the gates and the glory of heaven we shall see.
He'll proclaim liberty and freedom to those that are bound
Christ my everlasting Saviour will lift us from the ground.

But while we're here on earth there are things we must do
We must proclaim His righteousness because we are so few.
He said the harvest was plenty, but for workers He is in need
So perform His work, speak His word and be not shaken like the reed.

By Harriett Dash 2001