Service Station

Now this term is just about went its last round.
Can't find one in our little town.
Pump your own gas and check your oil.
For you no station attendant will toil.

I remember when they cleaned your windshield and checked the air.
Now they don't seem to really care.
You pump your gas and see if the tire is low.
Watch the gas or it will overflow.

Put water on your own windshield and clean with care.
Pay a quarter if in your tire want to put air.
Camera's watching in case you try to get away.
Can't get far if you forget to pay.

Can't just yell out charge it, be back in a while.
And the attendant just watches you leave with a smile.
Knows you and your family from way back when.
Knows and trust you to come back again.

Nope its all computerized no friendly face.
What's happen to that used to be race?
Now's its just a look and a ring of the register bell.
What goes around will come around that's what they tell.

A real service station at which ladies can stop.
Where's there's a station attendant ,is where I will shop
Sure hope I can hang in there and see it all back again.
When the person waiting on you is always your friend.

By Harriett Dash  
   11/11/03    Home