Say No More

We are never beyond temptation, we're living in a sin filled land
But He assures us of His forgiveness, His creation called Man.
He will not lead us into a world of temptation and sin
But He made a provision for a cleansing  over and over again.

Our heart is not on earth so store up treasures above
For out of the abundance of the heart should come heavenly love.
For where your heart is, there your treasures will be
Not only for the Father but all the world to see.

Your reward will come outward when in secret you do pray
Only sin is hidden in darkness, but good will light the way.
Stop and think before you walk down the pathway of life
Are you heading toward joy and happiness or heading toward strife.

He said he would protect us if we fall along the way
So stop and think, have you reached 70 times 70 before you go astray.
Each sin we commit hardens that tender heart again
A wall builds up against our Lord, not against our sin.

The tempter will always be here to knock upon your door
Only you can say to his evil ways "No More."

by Harriett Dash