Satan's Lure

I am sleepy and oh so tired, it's now 4 am
But I must pray lest temptation enter in.
I know to trust in Jesus and not to trust in man
For they will fail you over and over again.
But when you call on Jesus, He is always there
He is always full of tender loving care.

But with man, you never really know
He's always busy and on the go.
Now it's not always on business for the King
He's usually busy doing his own thing.
We must not let the world enter into our heart
If we do the spirit of God will soon depart.

We think we're on business for God, we best be sure
We can be blinded by Satan and his lure.
He makes it look so right and oh so neat
Next thing you know he's in the driver's seat.
Watch for your neighbor, if he's your friend
Because Satan has deceived since time began.

By Harriett Dash