Santa's Gift

If I was asking for a special gift.
I'd look at this picture and thank God for this.
He knew I'd need something special to take the hurt away.
So thank God for Santa on this His special day,

God uses anything and anyone just to prove to us.
That in His love if we are patient, Him we can trust.
We needed this little gift to make our dreams come true this year.
He is our everything and we thank God that he is near.

He can never take the place of  Christopher but in his own right.
Will make our dreams come true on this Christmas night.
We'll sit around the tree and watch him laugh and play.
And know that God is on His throne this His birthday.

We'll not forget what it means and know He's working still
This is just another miracle to prove that He is so very real.
So we'll hang our stockings and know he'll use this man.
To prove he'll use anything to carry out his plan.


Issac Deskins (5 months old)

By Harriett Dash   Dec. 2003