Rock A Bye Baby


I am just a little baby and may cry at night:
But you can stop me by holding me tight:
Just pick me up and sing  me a little song:
Protect me from  all the bad and wrong:

I used you for warmth and was fed by you:
I had no fear in what you would do:
I know nothing of how it feels to be alone:
Because for 9 months you were my home:

I knew your every thought and every movement you made:
For it was under your heart that I laid:
I was a part of you so please hold me tight:
I feel this great big world and need to know I am alright:

Put me back next to your heart and know I love you true:
Even though I am on the outside I am still a part of you:
So please pick me up and sing me a song:
Protect me from all the bad and wrong:

By Harriett Dash 2001