Seasons in a Spiritual Sense

By: Riley Justice
War West Virginia

For some time it has been on my mind to write an article on the things in
nature compared to spiritual things.

We all fully realize that Gods sovereign power controls them both.

The things in nature comes forth in their season and fulfills their purpose.
The believers who are led and directed by His Holy Spirit are made to feast
in his season.

They find them both controlled by His mighty power. I will use an apple tree
to describe the things in nature.

I will stress it's functions in season. First it lays dormant in the winter
time. It comes forth in the springtime taking on it's leaves.

The buds then spring forth. Then comes the beautiful bloom with it's pedals.
It then sheds it's pedals and the fruit appears.

The apple reopens in it's season. When it is fully open, it falls to the
ground. This completes it's mission until it sheds it's leaves in the fall
of the year. All the before mentioned things depends on the strength from
the root for survival.

Now we will try to compare the things in nature with spiritual things.

When the tree rests in a dormant stage, this represents one who is dead to
the knowledge of the truth with no hope . The leaves represent the
springtime of the believers joys. The bud represents the seed of
righteousness sewed in good ground.

The bloom represents the beauty of God's goodness in the hearts of His believing family.

The pedals represents the works of the flesh that falls by the wayside and withers and decays.

The fruit comes forth which represents the fruits of righteousness in the
believers heart through the channels of His grace. When the fruit reopens,
this represents the beauty of God's goodness when lifted from the pits of darkness.

When the apple falls this represents those who hunger after his righteousness.

When the leaves fall this represents a time of darkness in the believers
heart. We can see His sovereignty demonstrated in nature and in all
spiritual things. To all of the before mentioned things there is a time and
a season to every purpose under heaven. When the season comes the purpose reopens.