Revelation 21

I've heard these words Signs Of The Times
They keep going over and over in my mind
Are we really looking at all that's taken place
Or are we too busy running a worldly race

We walk and talk and act just like them
So when He comes will we know Him,
Or better yet will He know us
Or is it after the world we lust?

Have we done all the things we said we would do
I really don't think so , do you?
He loves us and trust us with all his heart
And hopes from Him we will not part.

We aren't computers or any such thing
But He instills in us a wonderful dream.
There will be walls of Jasper and streets of Gold
So many things we can't be told.

He promised all this and only ask of us
A little love, honor and praise but most of all

By Harriett Dash